St Josephs Primary – KS1 Castle Life workshop


The knight that the kids rebuild

Today we visited St Josephs Primary School. It was our second visit to the school.   The school is lucky enough to have a separate hall from the lunch hall, which was great and meant we did not need to start our first workshop till 9.20.  The Year 2 workshop was directly off of the hall that we were in, so a few curious faces were peering into the hall before we started.

It was just me & Wel today, and St Josephs is quite a small school so we only had 15 children in each workshop, which was great as this meant that we had 7 or 8 children each.  This made the workshop even more hands on than usual (20 or 30 per workshop is more common).  Every body had lots of time, trying on clothes, armour and making flour & butter.


The wonderful castle pictures that Yr 2 have created up on the hall wall.

One of the things that we have noticed a lot with this age group is that they all play a came called ‘Minecraft’.   It can be great in teaching them things such as where ore comes from but it does make them believe that it’s possible to make stone or diamond armour!  So there are often many questions about diamond or stone armour.  Wel explained that making stone armour was not possible and did not happen in medieval times.  No really, it’s not! But our young knight to be was most insistent that it was!


Wheat & the quern stone

Wel was extremely impressed by their knowledge of wheat and where it came from.

He was also endeared by one boy saying at the end of the workshop thank you, very, very, very, very, very much!!

We had lots of fantastic help during the two workshops from parents who had come in to help for the day.  It’s really brilliant when parents come in and help this way.

Thanks St Josephs, hopefully we’ll see you again another year.


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