Students Testimonials

It was so much fun and because it was fun I learnt a lot.’

‘I am writing to say a big thank you. I thought it was really interesting and I’m one of those people who don’t really like history. P.S. Hope you can come again soon’.

‘I want to thank you for our completely wonderful day on Tuesday. All the way home I was babbling in the car about how utterly fantastic the day was. I especially enjoyed “Wedding” the two houses! It was amazing how many things we learnt in just ONE day! The costumes were fun (and fashionable!) and you made the atmosphere so enthusiastic. Thanks again!’

‘You made the day very enjoyable for me and many more! It got to the point at home where my parents told me to either go away or sshhh because they’d had enough of my talking! I think it was a lovely idea and I loved every second of it, especially when we made our medicine. Once again thank you very much!’

‘I want to be a teacher to learn about medieval because you were wonderful’.

‘Thank you for the whole experience. I loved it and will have it in my memory forever.’

‘I loved the way you had the armour and that we all got to try it on, as you’re not able to do that in museums so what you did was great fun.’

We got to see a medieval doctors surgical kit. There were lots of different types of nasty cutting knives. We saw a real leech ?urgh!!. I was a lady and the clothes were really heavy but I had the best two hours ever!’

‘Seeing people catching the disease made the reality of how bad and contagious the disease really was more real’.

‘The medieval day was really good, especially as I got to be a lady in waiting, with a very fine costume. I was very hot with all the clothes on and would not be surprised if many of the medieval people dropped dead from heat exhaustion as well as the Black Death!. The horrible slimy leech was brilliant but a bit nasty! All of the stuff was really fun and a brilliant thing to do.’

‘Thank you for doing an excellent performance and bringing history to life. Medieval day was an amazing success, I really enjoyed it. The best part, for me was dressing up. I couldn’t choose what I really enjoyed because it was all excellent. I really loved it, thanks again for a brilliant performance’.

‘I loved being the apothecary and wearing the navy-blue dress with gold laces. My mother is a nurse and I know how some medical procedures are taken place so it was interesting to learn (how) they were dealt with in that period’.

‘I had a fantastic time! I learned a lot about the medieval times without knowing it! My favourite part was when we did apothecary and our teachers was the Guildmasters! It was nice coming back from a relaxing bank holiday to school with all the fun you made!’.

‘I think you put a lot of effort into coming to our school. The costumes made me feel, I was an actual person in the medieval times.’

‘Describing it in one word, I would say A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Thank you again’.

‘Thank you for a day packed full of fun! I know everyone enjoyed themselves a lot, especially me. I felt like I was in the medieval period. My favourite part of the journey was dressing up. We might have thought the costumes were silly and wierd to wear, but it was worth it. I would hate to live in medieval times because I would have to get married when I am 12 (the legal age for a girl) and I am 12 now. Also, I would have an extremely short life, that would be horrible.’

‘I really enjoyed the whole experience. I liked learning the names of the clothes and shoes and dressing up and gathering points for our teams. I enjoyed everything and didn’t dislike anything. Again thank you very, very, very much.’

‘It was really fun when we made the boxes, my group got 10 out of 10 so we were excepted (sic) into the guild members group! I truly learned a lot, once again thank you.’

‘I think it was a good idea for you to award points for correct answers, because it encouraged more people to put thier hands up and have a guess.’

‘I loved making the Black Death cure and then trying to sell our concoction to the Master Apothecary. We learnt a lot about herbs and what they were used for in the Middle Ages. It was a really fun afternoon.’

‘I also liked making the medicine because it really gave me an idea of what medieval medicine smelt like and what it was used for and what illness. It was really interesting that medieval life was really different to ours’.

‘It helped me understand better than just reading it all off a book and the drama was spectacular’.

‘I really enjoyed the drama side of things, like the dressing-up and seeing all the medicines and how they would treat different injuries and illnesses. It really helped me to understand and injoy (sic) medieval life’.

‘You made it feel like I was in medieval times. It was really fun. It made it feel like the plague was around. I was shocked when (I learnt) how many people could die from it’.

‘In fact I enjoyed all of it. Because it was exciting. It was a great time for me because I learnt a lot. So thanks again!’

‘The costumes you showed us has helped me on my costume design (they had to make their own medieval costumes after this event). The weddings and food showed me the difference between poor and rich people and what we eat and what medieval people eat.’

‘I really enjoyed doing the weaving for the master craftsman (in the guilds section) when I was helping to make the apron, it was really fun and I still remember how to make it’.

‘All of you should come again in Year 8 thats how much I had fun’.

‘My favourite part was the black death it was so cool’.

‘Dear Welly and the brill team. Thanks for our fabulous medieval experience. It really helped us get into the medieval feel and learn about medieval life by doing things that they did, helped us to understand how life has changed’.

‘I was the priest and enjoyed my part very much, I had to marry Margaret Beaufort and Lord Tudor to each other. I wore a black woollen cloak which was very itchy and had a large wooden cross. I think the Medieval session was a good idea it was both fun and educational. The armour was very interesting and gave you an idea of what the soldiers had to cope with.’

‘The medieval experience was a great idea to give us pupils a treat. It was great fun and we also learnt a lot.’

‘The whole performance was really lively. They involved you in everything. I enjoyed making the wooden boxes which were judged by the Master Guildsman. I also really enjoyed trying on the armour.’

‘In order for the grade 8 class to enhance and heighten our understanding of the medieval period, we all attended a medieval workshop in our school sports hall. As soon as we stepped into the sports hall I immeadiately felt as if we had stepped into a medieval cavern. From the costumes that the spokespeople wore, to the chairs that were divided into houses. I enjoyed the way we were all able to participate, rather than just a few of us. It is an experience I won’t forget as it will prove to have greater use in the future.’

‘I thought it was really cool how you put so much effort into the games, and how you presented them.’

‘I thought everything got explained very well and I thought the idea with the four nobel families was very good.’

‘It was so much fun and because it was fun I learnt a lot.’

‘You can’t run from the plague!’

‘We’ve asked our teachers to book you again next year!’

‘If we all chip in another ?1.50 will you come back again tomorrow?’

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