ww1-nurseWe can provide exciting historical talks for your club or organisation on a variety of topics and time periods.  Medicine and crime are particular specialities of ours.    To view our topics, please click on one of the pages under the talks heading in the menu bar.  Talks cost £75 plus 50 pence per mile (from our base in North Essex) for a one hour talk including questions.  Toll charges if incurred on route, such as the Dartford Crossing (£2.63 one way) & the congestion charge (currently £11.50) will be charged on top of this fee.  If you would like several talks in a day on different subjects we can also arrange this.  We will travel to anywhere within about 100 miles of North Essex. 

Example:  A one hour talk in Tonbridge, Kent, would be about £75 plus 172 miles (there & back) at 50 pence per mile, plus Dartford crossing both ways would work out at £166 rounded down to the nearest pound.

A talk in North Essex, South Suffolk, or East Cambridge would work out cheaper than this.  A talk in Braintree for example could work out as little as £85.00.  A talk a 100 miles away will be about £180 in total.  100 miles is only a guideline, as some areas are quicker for us to travel to (such as Birmingham), so if you’re interested in one of our talks and are little further away, please feel free to enquire if it’s possible to travel to you. 

When are we available?
We are available to run talks during December through to May

We may be able to give talks at other times of year but June to November is our busiest time for school and historic site work, so we may not be able to run a talk during August in particular, as this might mean that we have to turn down a weeks worth of work for one evenings work.  But historic site work for August is usually sorted and booked in by May, so if you are looking to make a booking for August after May and you can see that we are free on our events calendar, we may be able to help.