Paul (Alias Wel)

Colchester8Born Paul but known since he was 16 years old as Wel (short for Wellington his middle name).  Surprisingly (or unsurpisingly given his name) his first love is Napoleonics, he knows a lot about the battles of this period and he recently visited the battlefield of Waterloo.  A lifelong ambition fulfilled!   So he was rather surprised to find himself involved in medieval re-enactment back in 2001!  Wel did re-enactment as a hobby for a number of years before turning professional.

His hobbies including Napoleonic war gaming and playing German style board games.

Wel has had several interesting professions previously to Happening History but most interesting of all was working as a board game designer for several years, designing games for children and adults alike.  Board games are still his passion and his creativity with designing games has been a huge bonus for us in creating our displays.  Consequently our medieval & Victorian toys & games displays are his favourite!  He has also owned his own shop and was a transport manager for several years which means we are always on time except in the very worst traffic jams!

Wel & Karen met whilst re-enacting and were married at Herstmonceux Castle on 26 August 2006, with a medieval wedding as part of the castles grand medieval weekend. It was even written into the script.  With a gunners salute and an archway of swords it was a day to remember for all who attended.

Wel loves this job and thinks it the best and most fun job he has ever had!