Wartime Crime

WW2 CrimeCrime is not something that most people associate with wartime Britain, we tend to think more about Dunkirk and the blitz spirit.  However crime was more prevalent during the war than before, partly as so many things were made a crime during the war, which had not been beforehand.  From the more obvious crimes such as selling food off ration to simpler ones such as throwing away a bus ticket (wasting paper) the punishments could be quite severe. In the case of throwing a bus ticket away, as much as a £100 fine or 3 months in prison (at a time when £10 was a good weekly wage for a man and many women only received £2 or £3 a week).

Fred is the local magistrate and will run trials at certain times during the day, putting your visitors on trial for their various war time crimes.  The trials will end with the capture of the local Spiv.  Trials are run 3 to 4 times a day, depending on your visitor numbers (at least 20 people are needed for a trial).

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