WW2 -Life on the home front

ARP WardenThis talk takes a look at life on the home front, including such topics as rationing, gas masks, incendiary bombs and the role of the ARP warden.

Food rationing started on 8 January 1940 and many foods were still on ration 14 years later in 1954.  We take a look at the various foods that were rationed during the war and the quantities that may have been received.  Amounts varied throughout the rationing period.  We explain the different types of ration book and the way they worked.  We also take a brief look at the other things on ration such as clothing, soap and fuel and what the allowances may have been and the make do and mend approach that people found to tackle these shortages.

baby-gas-hoodARP Warden
Wel talks about the responsibilities of the ARP Warden, enforcing the blackout, giving warnings of gas and incendiary bombs, distributing gas masks, teaching fireguards how to tackle incendiary bombs etc.  We bring along a number of original wartime artefacts to look at including, the baby gas hood pictured, Mickey Mas gas mask, adults gas mask (all professionally certified clean and safe), incendiary bomb and fire fighting equipment.  Plus other accoutrements of the warden such as his whistle, gas rattle and bell.

We finish with time to ask questions and handle some of the original artefacts.

We require several tables to set the display items out on if possible but if not, please let us know in advance.