WW1 Treating Tommy

ww1-nurseThe Minor Horrors of War!
Our VAD nurse will teach your visitors young and old about the illnesses & treatments that soldiers during WW1 would have to face.  Many of these illnesses were caused by ‘the Minor Horrors of War’ (this title is based on a book from the time).  Creatures such as rats, lice, flies and fleas.  All unpleasant but also carriers of disease!  Talks on the minor horrors can be run throughout the day.

Young visitors can also help the busy nurse by winding bandages on the winder or learning how to bandage a patient.  There’s plenty more to see and do too.  They can view amazing 3D images of the war with our stereoscopes, flick through the photos a nurse took of the soldiers she treated a 100 years ago, see real 100 year old amputation & surgical tools, plus lots more!


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