ARP Warden

ARP WardenGas, bombs and the blitz!
Fred is our ARP Warden, having fought in the first Great War he is too old to fight in this war but still wants to do his bit and so he has become an ARP Warden.  It’s the wardens job to ensure that people know what to do in case of gas attack, incendiary or High explosive bombs and to help administer the blackout.  He also helps to enlighten them about the different sorts of bomb shelters which are available to them.

Your visitors will be invited to learn about various ARP issues.  Fred will put you visitors through the neccessary drills in timed displays throughout the day.  Visitors are invited to learn what the different gases smelt like, and how to correctly wear a gas mask, including the different styles such as the baby gas mask.  They can learn how to tackle the treacherous ‘Firebomb Fritz’ ( incendiary bomb).  Fred also invites people to try out the new indoor table shelter being issued by the Government (known affectionately as the Morrison shelter and not to be confused with the Anderson shelter).  With lots of ARP items to view there is much to entertain and educate.

Gas mask safety info: Although gas masks from WW2 contain either white or blue asbestos, our gas masks have been cleaned and certified safe by an asbestos removal company.  They also cleaned the gas mask bag and gas mask box they came in.  Public are not asked to put on the gas masks.  Never touch an uncleaned gas mask as they contain asbestos.  You can view our certificate here: Asbestos certificates

WW2 Helmets info:  Although the Imperial War Museum and the HSE issued info on WW1 helmets containing asbestos, we believe that WW2 helmets do not contain any.  The liners are made of rubber and oil skin as you can see here:  WW2 Helmets, or leather in the civilian and fire guard helmets:  WW2 civilian helmets.

WW2 Risk AssessmentWW2Morrison

Demonstrating civilian respirator

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