The Medieval Knight


medieval-knight2In this talk, Wel demonstrates how a knight in the 15th century would get armoured up for battle.  Wel gets armed up piece by piece explaining the armour as he goes.  We then finish with a look at some of the main weapons that a knight would have used.

What was a knight?
We look at the definition of a knight and the stages towards becoming one, such as page boy and squire.

Arming of the knight
In the early medieval period, chainmail was one of the commonest forms of armour.  Our modern word chainmail is derived from the French word ‘Maille’, which means mesh or net.  By the end of medieval in the 15th century, the maille had been cut up into smaller pieces to cover the gaps such as the armpit, neck, groin or elbows.

All the armour was attached or buckled on to the knight and squires would be essential in helping the knight to do this.  Karen will act as squire and aid Wel into his armour.  We will also dispel a few common myths about armour such as a knights inability to move in it.  If you couldn’t move, it’d be pointless wearing it!

The knights weapons
After a quick removal of some of the armour (so you can hear him better), Wel will talk about and demonstrate the use of some of the knights possible weapons (no actual fighting, just how they would have been used).  We look at the mighty pole axe, swords and mace.

There is time at the end for questions and for you to have photographs taken with Wel dressed as a knight.  There will also be some armour to handle and look at.