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Medieval Jon

We have been visiting Guildford High School since our first year in business 10 years ago and this year was in fact our 11th visit to the school. It’s an early up for us as Guildford is at least 2 hours drive from home.  The workshop has become so much a part of the school routine that the maths teacher told me they now have a medieval maths lesson with the girls, looking at medieval weights and measures.  The girls that we taught in our first year at GH are now finishing university and who knows we may soon see them as teachers themselves!  There is always an amazing rapport between the students and their teachers and it’s obvious that they have a great relationship with each other.

“It’s medieval day, I loved that!” is a cry we often here from the older girls who have attended the workshop in previous years.  It’s the best reward you can get in this job, knowing that they’ve enjoyed it and the experience has stayed with them.

Our first workshop of the day always starts early at about 8.45am.  The girls are always very bright and enthusiastic and this years girls were no exception.  They are very exuberant and excited to be taking part in the workshop.

imageThe workshop is based loosely around the Wars of the Roses with the girls were divided into 4 medieval households, the Tudors, Beautforts, Nevilles and Staffords.  Each household tries to increase the power of their family by earning points, answering questions and undertaking tasks such as making their masterpieces to join a guild.  We had some great potential guild members, with a perfect ten points gained for each apothecary guild member in the 1st workshop. I can’t help but think that they will all make great business women of the future.  Watch out Lord Sugar!



One of the most humorous episodes of the day happened right at the end of the 2nd workshop , as the Lancastrian households declared war on the Yorkist Nevilles.  When the Stafford were asked if they would like to help support their friends, they said “No, we’re joining with them, they look like they’re going to win!”.   Very fitting for a workshop on the War of the Roses we thought!  I think Jon our staff member was a bit taken aback as nobody had ever said this before.  It’s always good when children surprise you and they still do, even after 10 years in the business.

One of the great treats of visiting GH, is that at lunch time they put on a lovely spread of food for us with sandwiches, fresh fruit and orange juice.  We are also entertained during our lunch by the school orchestra who set up and play each year.  All the girls are grade 8 players and extremely talented.  It’s always a lovely way to unwind and finish the days work.

Thanks GH for another wonderful year and see you next year.


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