CostWhat do we cost?
The cost for hiring us will depend on which display you’d like to hire us for, how many students you have and whereabouts in the country you are.  We will travel to most schools in England within reason but will have to charge for the extra diesel (and if a long distance away for accommodation) on top of our usual cost.

Happening History are based in East Anglia so any events near this area will have lower fuel costs and will demand less traveling time.

Please contact us with the number of students taking part, which display you’d like and where you are if you wish to make an enquiry and we will work out a cost for you.  For most schools however it usually works out around £5  per head.  The bigger the school and the nearer to our home in North Essex, the cheaper the price per head will be.  We do not charge per child but for the day as our work & costs will still be the same even if several of your children drops out.

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