Asquith Primary School – KS1 Castle workshop


The HUGE hall, not even showing the kitchen area here!

What a lovely time we had at Asquith primary School in Mansfield last week.  It was our first visit to this school and if I’m honest I could not have asked for things to be much more perfect.  We have certain criteria on a job which makes our day so much easier.  Easy access into the hall.  Check.  Friendly staff.  Check.  Sole use of hall for whole day. Check.  Friendly & helpful parents.  Check.  Somewhere to wash the butter churns nearby with hot water.  check (in fact it was almost scalding!).  Tea.  Check.   And of course great kids too!


Small dresses & hats waiting to be tried on

I know I keep saying that it’s unusual for a primary school to have a 2nd hall but yes, this was the case again.  We’re visiting a lot of schools like this lately.  It was a lovely big gym.  A wonderful asset for a school to have.  We had loads of space to spread out and we weren’t speaking over each other therefore.  The parents and TAs were so helpful in assisting the children to try on clothing and make butter etc.  A big thank you to all of them and the teachers too of course.  It really makes a big difference to a workshop when you get help and makes for a better experience for the children.

We think the children and teachers enjoyed the day, we certainly did, and we hope to see you again next year!




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