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imageWe first had the pleasure of meeting this lovely school whilst working at Bodiam Castle.  We saw them every year for about 6 years.  Every year they’d turn up, with different groups of children each in different coloured baseball caps.  Ingenious!  It helped the teachers see at a glance who was in their group, it helped us check we had the right group and it helped keep the sun off the children too.  We were always delighted when we knew that they were visiting as we enjoyed their visits so much.  ‘Oh goodie’ was always the cry when we heard it was their day to visit.  We knew we were assured a well organised day and lovely children.  Sadly i believe the topic was not run the next year and we were sad to see them leave Bodiam.  Fortunately for us it seems the topic has returned and yesterday we visited the school itself.  Huzzah!

imageWe were up bright & early at 4.30AM, leaving the house at 5.30 with the lovely Lenny, who has become a regular staff member of ours and is brilliant with children.  We had a good journey in with barely a hold up.  We arrived at the school about 7.45AM and were immeadiately shown to the hall. We were very lucky as although the hall is a lunch hall, they only use the upper part of the hall so there was very little packing down and resetting of the workshop as we usually have to do.  Most crucial of all we were were offered a lovely cup of tea!

The first workshop started just after 9AM.  The children throughout the day were extremely excited and full of wonderful questions, with some very good knowledge.  It’s the first time a Year 2 has mentioned the word ‘hopper’ to me, i was extremely impressed by the use of this word.  I was also told that stale bread was used as plates!  All correct and a very impressive fact for a 6/7 year old to know.  I was told by him that he’d learnt this fact in class.  A great reflection on the school and teachers.

imageHowever my favourite comment of the day was whilst asking if they knew what gave power to the cookers in their own homes.  ‘Lava!’ Said one of the boys quite matter of factly!  It bought to mind wonderful images of lava powered ovens.  I couldn’t help but smile.  It sounded like something that the Flintstones would have!  Children’s inventive imaginations are one of the best bits about this job.

We made LOTS of flour and butter over the day and the spitted goose was a favourite. , with one boy turning it continuously for 5 mins.  I think his goose was well and truly cooked!

A huge thanks to Robin Hood staff for looking after us and being so friendly towards us.  We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did and we hope to see you again next year.



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