Durston House Prep School

Lordly Wel

Wel in his fine new medieval silk and fur gown and doublet.

Today we were in Ealing visiting Durston House Prep School.  I have just worked out that this is the 7th time we’ve visited the school.  Wow!  Our venue  for the workshop is a lovely big church hall near the school.  Thank you to Durston for bringing over some tea & coffee for us, much needed after a long journey!  We set up and Wel donned his shiny new silk doublet and fur trimmed gown.

The very excited Year 6 boys entered the hall having already been told by the Year 7 boys from last year, how lucky they were and that they wished they were coming too!  They were there for our KS3 medieval life workshop.

We introduced ourselves and what we were doing and the boys enthusiastically volunteered to become lords, ladies, servant and even priest.   Once all were dressed, we looked at clothing, had a marriage (performed very well by Father Bede)  between two of our great households, Tudor & Beaufort and a splendid feast followed to celebrate the union.

This was followed by making their masterpieces to join the guild, as in real life there were some very good pieces of work and some not so good ones.  Karen was particularly impressed with her apothecaries, who’d all listened really well and an unprecedented three 9s and a 10 were handed out.  Lots of new members of the apothecary guild today!

The Lancastrians were pulling into the lead as their points were now joined through marriage. It seemed as if they would win BUT Karen had finally managed to obtain permission for her two households to marry. Nobody could object as pope Sixtus himself had given blessing to it.  They were duly joined and points added but The Lancastrians were not happy at this Yorkist marriage, so finally it led to war!

The boys were given a choice of whether they would like to try on and learn about armour or hear the gruesome tales of the medieval surgeon.  About a third chose surgery and were enthralled by the tales of amputations, leeches, wound men, arrow pulling, tooth pulling and examining & tasting wee!

Sadly we were out of time as the hall was needed after lunch and everyone helped to stack their chairs away neatly.  They left with many lovely thanks yous and hopefully heads full of fun facts.

Thank you Durston for organising another great visit, we hope you all had a great day.


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