School Visit – Bodiam Castle

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Educational Visit Bodiam Castle

Do you like the sound of a Happening History visit but would also like your school to visit a castle?  Then visiting us at Bodiam Castle, East Sussex could be the answer.  The castle is a National Trust property.  We have been working at the castle since 2005 providing school workshops.  Currently we are there for 2 weeks this year.  These weeks are as follows:

18-22 June & 25-29 June 2018

The castle itself is a classic English moated 14th Century castle with every feature you could wish for, towers, murder holes, crenellations, portcullis, well and much more.  Tours of the castles major features  are provided by some amazing volunteers, many of whom have been working there longer than us!

We can provide workshops for 5 to 18 year olds.  It is particularly good for KS1 children looking at castles and KS3 students studying medieval life.  Workshops usually last about 45 minutes each but this is adaptable.  We vary the workshops based on the students age.  The castle also provides guided tours by its volunteers.  If you have EGM status, entry to the grounds is negligible per head and at just £6.00 per head for the tour and our activity, tremendously good value.  All set in the beautiful grounds of Bodiam with its lovely surrounding of vinyard, oasthouses and steam railway.

We are happy to run workshops for foreign students visiting the castle but you will need to allow more time for each workshop or else less content.  You will also need a translator if the students English is not good.
DSC_0118Years 1-3 – We look at clothes, dressing 2 children up as lord & lady.  We look at what the clothes were made from and pass round examples for other children to feel or try on.  We then split the children into 2 groups to look at armour & medicine.  In the armour section they learn about & try on our small harness of armour. They then rebuild the knight with the armour to see if they’ve learnt where it goes.  They will then learn about & hold a blunt sword.  In the apothecary area they will learn how a doctor discovered what was wrong with his patients by looking at their wee.  Students will then work (usually in pairs) to mix a medieval medicine from kitchen herbs.  Time permitting we will look at some live leeches and find out how the doctors would have used them.  Children will take part in both activities.

HaunchVenisonYears 4-8 – Basically our KS3 medieval life in short display.  Two students will dress as Lord & Lady as we look at clothing,  we then have a marriage between them with another student dressed as a priest,  we then look at food of the rich & poor with one student dressing as a peasant.  Students are then given a choice of learning about armour & weapons or surgery & medicine.  Please be warned that surgery is not for the faint of heart or those that faint at the site of blood.

Lakes2011 182Year 9 up – For those studying the War of the Roses or Henry VII in more detail at A level we can run a workshop based on the armour, weapons & surgery of the period where students can try on armour and hold blunt swords.

The amount of content we include in each workshop may vary according to whether students have arrived on time and how chatty they are etc.

If you would like to book a visit to see us at Bodiam, please contact the castle directly:

Bookings are placed elsewhere but Georgia will be able to give you any relevant information on how to book.  Georgia is based at the castle and also runs many of the tours herself.

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